Dress Code

Students attending John Paul II Catholic High School are expected to be appropriately dressed. A student’s attire should reflect the Christian values of modesty and respect for the individual person and the school community at all times while on campus and at all school-sponsored activities.

Students must come dressed for school (they cannot dress at their locker or in the bathroom) and are expected to abide by the dress code at all times during the school day. Students are required to comply with all staff instructions regarding dress and appearance. If a student is not following dress code guidelines, the appropriate disciplinary action will be applied. Questions about this policy should be directed to the main office.

  • A modest navy blue, gray, white, or yellow long or short-sleeved collared golf/polo shirt. All students should have at least one JPII embroidered polo to wear for special occasions (picture day, Mass with the Bishop, service in the community, etc.).
  • On Fridays, students may wear a JPII T-shirt in lieu of a golf/polo shirt.
  • Modest navy blue or khaki Bermuda-length (at least 7” inseam) shorts or skirt (ladies only, no higher than 3 inches above the knee) or slacks.
  • Appropriate closed-toe shoes, sandals, sneakers, or boots.
  • Hats may not be worn inside the building.
  • JPII-approved outerwear (sweatshirt, quarter-zip, pullover, or jacket purchased from a JPII spirit wear store) may be worn over a student’s dress code shirt. No other jackets or outerwear are permitted. If a student is wearing outerwear that includes a hood, at no time should the hood be on their head.
  • Clothing must fit appropriately. Anything that is overly tight or form-fitting is not considered modest and therefore not acceptable. Clothes should also not be too baggy, ripped, or tattered. There should be no cleavage and no bare midriffs, whether this is caused by tops “rising up” or bottoms “riding down.”
  • Only modest ear-piercing is allowed.
  • Any hairstyle that causes a disturbance in the learning environment is not allowed. If a student dyes their hair, it must be of a natural color.
  • Tattoos must be covered at all times.

Staff reserves the right to determine at any time if any piece of clothing, jewelry, or anything worn by the student is unacceptable in the school environment and may ask the student to change or remove it.

Dress Code for PE & Weight Training

For each physical education class a student attends they are expected to be dressed to participate in that day’s activity. This helps to ensure student safety during activity and student hygiene for the rest of the school day. Appropriate attire includes:

  • JPII T-shirt (an appropriate length that covers the stomach but does not cover the shorts)
  • athletic shorts (an appropriate fit; not too baggy, tight, or short)
  • tennis shoes

Sweatpants, athletic pants, and sweatshirts are appropriate for colder days.

Home Game Dress Code for Sports Teams

As a means to generate school spirit, encourage attendance at home games, and promote attention to JPII sports programs, student-athletes may observe the following exceptions to the regular JPII dress code on the days of home sporting events only:

  • Team polos or approved team shirts may be worn instead of the designated school polo shirts. Team coaches will designate what is acceptable for the team to wear.
  • Regular dress code shorts, pants, or skirts are to be worn according to JPII dress code on all days; team shorts, sweatpants, or warm-up pants are not permitted.

Dress Code Resources

Dress Code Items with Embroidery
Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear

The following businesses are authorized to embroider the full JPII logo on polos and crewneck sweatshirts:

Boston Bags & Tags

High Tide Embroidery

Monograms Plus
1528 Evans Street, Suite L2
Greenville, NC 27858

Parrott Canvas
508 West 14th Street
Greenville, NC 27834